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The OECD's Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness recommend that Financial Education start as early as possible and be taught in schools. The knowledge of personal finance and money acquired in this period plays an important role in defining person’s life quality, happiness and welfare. In accordance with this, KIDS pro...

Sarikamis, Turkey


1st Transnational Meeting: Kars, Turkey - 11th-15th February 2015


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project called KEEP INVEST DONATE SPEND- KIDS kick off meeting was held in the host country Turkey on 11-15 February 2015 in Sarıkamış Kars Turkey. 12 participants from Poland, Portugal and Croatia attended the meeting. During the mobility the participants planned the project activities together for 2 years.

They visited Turkish school and met teachers and pupils at school. They had the chance to attend the classes. Also we had Sarıkamış and Kars city tours, a short visit to obsidian workshop and skiing center. Each country gave information about their schools and countries by making presentations. A certificate ceremony was arranged with the participation of teachers at school and the participants.


KIDS certificate cerimony in Sarikamis, Kars, Turkey.

At the end of the transnational meeting with the project team and the 29 Eylul Primary School teaching staff, the hosting country organised a certificate cerimony where thoughts and ideas about the different school systems were debated. A very pleasant evening!








KIDS transnacional meeting in Sarikamis, Kars, Turkey.

  • Working hard collaboratively @ 1st KIDS transnacional meeting in Sarikamis, Kars: scheduling activities, proposing and sharing ideas... A fantastic team!

  • Erasmus+ KIDS partners share their presentations on their countries and schools' organisations and projects:

      2. Portugal - Agrupamento de Escolas de Marco de Canaveses

      3. Romania - Scoala Gimnazialã NR. 79


Visit to 29 Eylul Primary School in Sarikamis, Kars, Turkey.

The school was built by Russians and took its name after getting rid of enemy invasion on 29th Sept.
There are 6 classes, 1 nursery, 12 class teachers, 2 nursery teachers, 1 English teacher, 1 religion teacher and 1 consultant. And a very friendly and welcome headmaster!
It was a lovely experience meeting the Turkish pupils, its teachers and their School environment!





Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships

Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Romania


February 11th-15th, 2015

Sarıkamış Kars-TURKEY


Project corner in Portugal keeps moving... shared with the school community some activities and photos taken during the kick-off meeting in Sarikamis, Turkey.

Author: Helena Serdoura
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