KIDS – Keep Invest Donate Spend

The OECD's Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness recommend that Financial Education start as early as possible and be taught in schools. The knowledge of personal finance and money acquired in this period plays an important role in defining person’s life quality, happiness and welfare. In accordance with this, KIDS pro...

KIDS awards

KIDS Keep Invest Donate Spend wins PORTUGUESE ETWINNING NATIONAL AWARD 2016 under the Category Erasmus+!

And here's the presentation used to dissiminate/share the project: 


The Kahoot Saving Quiz won the 1st prize for the 2nd Cycle of Basic Education Category and the award was given by the President of the Portuguese Republic! We are very proud!

The Portuguese financial supervisors and the Ministry of Education and Science organise annually the Finantial Education Competetion Todos Contam, which rewards the best financial education projects to be implemented in schools.

Agrupamento de Escolas de Marco de Canaveses has just be awarded with an honorable mention for its projetct Keep Invest Donate Spend! It wouldn't be possible without the collaboraton of all the students, teachers and partners!!! Congrats to all








Author: Helena Serdoura
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