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The OECD's Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness recommend that Financial Education start as early as possible and be taught in schools. The knowledge of personal finance and money acquired in this period plays an important role in defining person’s life quality, happiness and welfare. In accordance with this, KIDS pro...

Pre and Post tests



Pretests and posttests for Planting Tree activity 

  Poland data       Turkey data  ​ Croatia data

Pretests and posttests for Wish Tree activity 

 Poland data        Turkey data     Croatia data                  

Pretests and posttests for Bank visit activity 

  ​Portugal data​     Poland data      Turkey data   Croatia data

Pretests and posttests for Entrepreneurship Fair activity 

  ​ Portugal data   ​   Poland data     Turkey data    Croatia data

 Pretests and posttests for Supermarket visit activity

   Portugal data​     Poland data​      ​ Turkey data    Croatia data

Pretests and posttests for Paper Money Museum activity

Pretest and posttest were applied to pupils to help them reflect and evaluate before and after their visit to paper money museum and follow up activities. The results will be shared and presented by the pupils themselves during the 2nd transnational meeting that will take place in Portugal, Marco de Canaveses, 10th-14th June 2015.

Pretest              Posttest            Statistic Data Analysis (Portuguese)  Statistic Data Analysis (English)



Author: Helena Serdoura
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