Sharing multilingualism, ICT and new methodologies

This project has its origin in a training program KA 101 consisting on the course "Using technologies for teaching our subjects" held in Cardiff (UK) on 3-7 October 2016. Some of the teachers who participated in it thought that it could be a good idea to use the knowledge we had obtained to start a collaborative project. It could be developed over two years. Mainly in subjects like English, ICT and ethical values or Citizenship, in order to treat the equality between men and women. We are going to initiate the Project in a Secondary School in Villena (Spain), Arganil (Portugal) and Carpi (Italy), with students of 14-16 years. All the activities have in common the intention to promote the teaching of English and other Latin languages, as well as the gender education and other moral issues using web 2.0 tools (like Prezi, ThingLink, Genialy, Padlet, Canvas, Biteable, Madmagz, etc.) and new methodologies that could include, for example, the use of tablets or other mobile devices.

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