Let's start a band!

Music is present in all teenagers life and it is also a very useful tool to learn English, improve creativity and artistical skills. We will focus on our own musical heritage, but also traditions related to that music and on the need to preserve them as well as the importance of international influences. We will focus not only on the past, but also...

Project Journal

  • Hi!
    You are free to interview our bands. Please join us in the forum and write your questions for each band. Thanks!

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 24.05.2017

  • Here you can watch the story of four bands: The teachers, SL2, The tigers and The Magic switch. Enjoy it!

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 18.05.2017

  • Hi everybody!

    We have written a survey about music. Can you help us to get some data to compare our musical habits among our countries and generations?

    Feel free to share it with your school comunity!

    Copy this link in your address bar and fill it in

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 01.05.2017

  • In the material folder you can find the work of the Spanish students on traditional music! Enjoy them!

    Gloses angl├Ęs.pptx

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 15.03.2017

  • Welcome Italy! So now we are 5 counties involved in the project. We are all getting started. Let's hit the road and enjoy it!
    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 07.02.2017