Book it ´17.

We will encourage students to read and share experiences with others by reading and do some networking with use of Internet; The kids will read one book or choose to work with their favourite one. After they have read the books they make some trailer, or short movie to present the book and author. I did this project las year with great succed

Project Journal

  • I will be back with Book it 18! if you want to take part. Please let me know.
    - Posted by Rósa Harðardóttir, 14.12.2017

  • Thank you for great collaboration!
    - Posted by Aneta Szadziewska, 15.06.2017

  • Our project on Spanish news
    - Posted by Celeste Morales Grande, 11.06.2017

  • Now I have closed the project and applied for the QL, I hope you will do that too. Please let me know if you will. Thank you so much for taking part and have a great summer.
    - Posted by Rósa Harðardóttir, 09.06.2017

  • Hi dear freinds, I am making a webside for the videos so that the children and their family and the evaluation staff can look at the videos on one place. If someone are willing to help me it is fine please let me know:
    - Posted by Rósa Harðardóttir, 01.06.2017