Advertising is in my life

We would like to create a website about advertising. The aim is to think about advertising : its place in our life, its influence, its power, its place, its cultural aspects... It can be the opportinity to deal with the place of women in the society, stereotype in general, the use of environmental arguments... It remains open to any idea. We thi...

Project Journal

  • Here you are:

    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 31.05.2017

  • Good news. Look at this:


    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 18.05.2017


    Very important link to evaluate the project!
    Dear students please tell us more how you evaluate your attendance in project.
    You are the most important part of it.
    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 03.05.2017

  • Members of Slovakian team are sending you greetings - we are finishing the project, it was nice to meet you here and collaborate. Wishing you all the best


    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 03.05.2017

  • We promote our project also on our school website:


    - Posted by Paula Šilhárová, 03.05.2017