Actividad 6: We promote our eTwinning project in assemblies during refugee week. NGA

  • Students are going to present the winning prezi to the whole school during refugee week. From Monday to Friday the students in the project are going to show all year groups the work they have been doing with the students in Spain while practising their communication skills.

    The draft for the presentation during assembly is attached. 

    These are the fundraising activities that are going to be happening during refugee week:




    Splash on the Face with a Sponge

    Duaa, Dalia, Zara, Jade and Annabelle

    Price: 30 p. Ask teachers to join in to get splashed.

    Money keepers: Sara


    Arabic calligraphy. Posters with names in Arabic and decoration:

    Amira, Dalia, Annabelle and Duaa

    Price: 1 pound

    Money keepers: Simran and Ildi



    Find out students who can do it.

    Basic: 1.50

    Elaborated: 2.00

    Money keepers: Duaa and Zara

    4th of JULY: After Ramadan

    Ice cream sale

    Zara, Dalia, Annabelle, Ildi, Sara, Jade, Duaa, Peace, Zainab.


    Cheap cone: 50 p. 1 scoop, 70 p 2 scoops.

    Expensive cone: 1.00 pound 1 scoop, 1.20 pounds 2 scoops. (Ildi and Duaa, money keepers)​