Activity 4: Creation of a presentation to advertise refugee week

  • This activity was done in multicultural groups of students. We had students from IESO Sierra la Mesta and Nottingham Girls' Academy working together to create a presentation about refugees and forced migration. The students had to do this presentation writing their slides in Spanish and English by the deadline of the 15th of May. They had to communicate and work together to plan and proof-read each other's slides in their first language. Most of the groups worked really hard and achieved really good results. These were the questions that they had to research about:


    1. Who is considered to be a refugee? What is the difference between refugee and asylum seeker?
      1. ¿Quién es un refugiado? ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre refugiado y solicitante de asilo?
    2. What is Spain doing to help refugees? What is England doing to help refugees?
      1. ¿Qué está haciendo España para ayudar a los refugiados? ¿Qué está haciendo Inglaterra para ayudar a los refugiados?
    3. Why do we need to do something about this crisis as citizens of the world?
      1. ¿Por qué necesitamos hacer algo sobre esta crisis como ciudadanos del mundo?
    4. What can we do to help as citizens of the world?
      1. ¿Qué podemos hacer?

    This was the winning presentation

    Grupo 6: Andrea, Amira y Duaa, Jesús Ruiz, Julián Lozano 

    These are the rest of the successful presentations who met the deadline:
    Grupo 5: Marta, Sergio, Simran, Zainab
    (See power point attached)
    Grupo 4: Marisa, Tasneem, Ainhoa, Annabelle and Lucia
    (See power point attached)
    Grupo 3: Jade, Celia, Jose Angel, Anisa and Francisco 
    Grupo 2: Ilyas,
    Ildi, Amalia y Sara Din
    (See power point attached)