Activity 1: Research Work

  • For this activity, students had to do a research in groups about the partner school. Students had to use their own language to write the power point as they had to use their second language to research on the partner school. The presentations that the students produced are attached.

    Topics were varied and involved the following:


    Research work 

    Spanish Team

    Group 1


    What do British teenagers do in their free time?

    What are the most popular jobs among young people?


    Group 2


    Social and Geographical information about Nottingham.


    Group 3


    East Midlands: Cultural aspects


    Group 4


    East Midlands: Tourism


    Group 5


    East Midlands: Economy and Society


    Group 6


    The English Education system: Types of schools, subjects, stages...


    Group 7


    Relevant information about Nottingham Girls Academy


    Group 8


    Compare IESO Sierra la Mesta with NGA




    English team


    Group 1

    Youth and Unemployment in Spain


    • Percentage of unemployment in Spain.
    • Comparison with young people’s unemployment
    • Why are young people unemployed?
    • What do they do with their free time?
    • What has led to this situation?
    • Research on newspapers, Wikipedia.


    Group 2

    The Spanish Education System

    • Curriculum in KS3, KS4 and KS5.
    • Differences with England in Secondary Education.
    • ESO y Bachillerato
    • The importance of English as a second language in the curriculum.
    • Importance of going to university. Fees/ Options. How do they get to university?
    • Difference with England.


    Group 3

    The Region of Extremadura

    Society and Economy

    • Location in Spain
    • Extremadura’s role in the Spanish society.
    • What does Extremadura have to offer in terms of economy/work?
    • What is the main sector for jobs in Extremadura?
    • What are Extremadura’s economic struggles?
    • How does it compare with the East Midlands?


    Group 4

    Extremadura and its culture

    • Origin of Extremadura.
    • Which civilizations invaded this part of Europe over the years?
    • What monuments/landmarks can we find in Extremadura these days?
    • Why are they famous and what do people do there these days?
    • How does it compare or not to the East Midlands?

    Group 5

    IESO Sierra La Mesta and the town of Santa Amalia

    • Subjects they study
    • Projects with other countries
    • Extra curricular activities
    • Why is the town called Santa Amalia?
    • How big is it?
    • What can young people do in Santa Amalia?
    • How does it compare to Nottingham?