Global Smiles

The idea upon which this project is based is that of raising awareness among the students about their identity as part of a global community, which could eventually take precedence over their identity as citizens of a nation through language learning.

Project Journal

  • On the world Refugee Day, teachers and students working on the eTwinning Project "Global Smiles" are carrying out events and activities to make our community aware of this reality nowadays.
    These are some of the activities we have prepared during this Refugee Week and a great video of the poem which our students have recorded working cooperatively between the schools.
    Thanks to all teachers and students that have been invloved in this activity, such as Joaquín for the beautiful poster, Pedro Javier and Javier Carmona organising the Poem Recital...



    - Posted by Francisca Gea, 20.06.2017

  • Today, on June 5, Emilio J. Romero Trigo, Regional Director of the Refugee Assistance Program, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants, visited our center to give students a series of lectures on refugees and which is done in our community in relation to this topic. The primary objective is that our students (future adults) become aware of the problems that affect our society and realize that they are an active part of society and should not be passive in the face of the challenges facing humanity . Thank you Emilio for your collaboration and disinterested participation this morning with the conferences so well prepared and so enjoyable.
    Hoy día de 5 de junio, Emilio J. Romero Trigo, Director Autonómico del Programa de Atención a Personas Refugiadas, Solicitantes de Asilo e Inmigrantes, ha visitado nuestro centro para dar a los alumnos una serie d conferencias sobre el tema de los refugiados y lo que se hace en nuestra comunidad para en relación a este tema. El objetivo primordial es que nuestros alumnos (futuros adultos) tomen conciencia de los problemas que atañen a nuestra sociedad y se den cuenta de que ellos son parte activa de la sociedad y que no deben mostrarse pasivos ante los retos a los que se enfrenta la humanidad. Gracias Emilio por tu colaboración y desinteresada participación esta mañana con las conferencias tan bien preparadas y tan amenas.






    - Posted by Francisca Gea, 05.06.2017

  • Students at IESO SIERRA LA MESTA will present our eTwinning Project "Global Smiles" during the tutorship in June:

    Tema de los refugiados en las tutorías. (1).odp

    - Posted by Francisca Gea, 30.05.2017

  • At IESO SIERRA LA MESTA, we have made this video in order to call for action...

    - Posted by Francisca Gea, 25.05.2017

  • These are the successful presentations who met the deadline:
    Grupo 5: Marta, Sergio, Simran, Zainab
    (See power point attached)
    Grupo 4: Marisa, Tasneem, Ainhoa, Annabelle and Lucia
    (See power point attached)
    Grupo 3: Jade, Celia, Jose Angel, Anisa and Francisco
    Grupo 6: Andrea, Amira y Duaa, Jesús Ruiz, Julián Lozano
    Grupo 2: Ilyas, Ildi, Amalia y Sara Din
    (See power point attached)

    Grupo 5.pptx

    grupo 4.pdf

    grupo 2.pdf

    - Posted by Nazareth Mansilla Moreno, 22.05.2017