CLOSED! 14/15 Christmas cards 84 SCHOOLS!!

Merry Christmas to all of you. This project has been a success thanks to you. See you next Xmas season.


    Project Journal

    • Hello friends!
      This is our big poster with all cards that we received from you.
      Now, in our country is Carnival time, but your cards are always on the wall of our school and they will stay there until the end of the school year.
      Many thanks and have a good time in your school and your family.


      - Posted by Palma Prisco, 12.02.2015

    • Gustavo I wish you all the best for the new member of your family!
      Thanks a lot to all of you!
      - Posted by ΣΟΦΙΑ ΠΑΠΑΝΗ, 09.02.2015

    • Hello! We keep receiving cards ... suppose because we are a quite remoted island. My students are still excited....We need to say a big THANK to everyone for the unique cards we received...Congratulation for the baby Gustavo and thanks again for this wonderful experience!! Looking forward for new projects in the near future...

      - Posted by Melanthia Chatziralli, 05.02.2015

    • Hello everyone!Many thanks to all of you.I hope to see all of you next year. Gongratulations for your baby Gustavo!!Iam looking forword to see new projects.
      Christos bogiatzis Athens,Greece.
      - Posted by christos bogiatzis, 30.01.2015

    • Hello everyone!
      THANKS to all of you for all the beautiful Christmas cards you sent to us.They are still arriving.......
      Warm greetings from the children of the primary school in Riva del Garda/Italy.




      - Posted by Nelleke Bos, 27.01.2015