Catch Scratch and code a message!

The aim of the project is to introduce students to an innovative environment for program development: Scratch. This platform is freely accessible at and provides a visual environment for creating animations and games, using traditional paradigms of programming, multitasking and multimedia objects. The idea of this eTwinnin...

Project Journal

  • Thank our team :)

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    - Posted by Danguolė VAITMONIENĖ, 14.09.2017

  • Hello we will start a new project it is about robots and called "etwinbot". If you want to work with us pls contact me. Everything was ok and it was a great project. Thank you . I hope we can work again.
    - Posted by Elif ŞİMŞEK, 26.08.2017

  • Thank you very much for your hard work in project Catch Scratch and code a message! It was beautiful time!Anna Bowtruczuk

    certyfikat foto.jpg

    - Posted by Anna Bowtruczuk, 18.08.2017

  • Our Quality label from Poland. Thank you all for common Scratch play :)
    Best regards,
    Wioletta Szwebs


    - Posted by Wioletta Szwebs, 16.08.2017

  • Our Quality label from Lithuanian NSS. Thank you all for cooperation and collaboration.
    Kaunas, Lithuania


    - Posted by Danguolė VAITMONIENĖ, 11.08.2017