Our Project

  • Subjects: Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Primary School Subjects
    Languages: Deutsch, English, Italiano, Polski
    Pupil's age: 6-11
    Tools to be used: Slideshow, video, pictures and drawings, Twinspace, Video conference, Web publishing


    Pupils will learn:

    to collect information on chess game (history, curiosity) and to share them using digital resorces too;
    to speak about chess in English;
    rules, tactics and startegy of the game and how to explain them;
    to play chess in an online tournament with limited time;

    Work Process

    Each school will make activities about game rules and history .

    Presentation of chess club or chess team members and activities through a videoconferece. 

    Internal tournaments 
    Each school keeps internal tournament to select a team of ten - fifteen players.

    International tournaments 
    Each school pupils take part in an online tournament played individually or by teams.


    A blog where to share material and developement of the project, the life and achievement of all school chess clubs, and, maybe propose new common activities.