Knight's Move

During the developement of the project pupils will find out information about chess game history. They will learn basic chess English vocabulary. They will develop their ability to play, and in the same time they will improve their respect for others, the auto-evaluation skills, computing skill and the ability to forecast the consequences of their...

Project Journal

  • Hi everyone! I invited you all to take part in the "chess in primary school" group, so we could stay in contact, know other teachers interested in chess, and keep on posting materials and articles. To here from you.
    - Posted by Marco Tiberi, 14.02.2017

  • It was also to me a great pleasure to meet you all. The tournament was great!!! I would like to repeat the tournament with Horst and another teacher whose is close to us in Austria. Marco, do you think it is possible to use the chess programme the same way you did? Thanks for your answer!!! Hope to stay in touch with all of you, maybe with another project. All the best and take care. Best wishes from FL, Andy
    - Posted by Andreas Wald, 08.02.2017

  • It was a pleasure to meet all of you and cooperate. Me and Lucia hope to have other experiences in the future, as well. In Spring takes place living chess in Sermoneta; we wil be pleased to share the video with you on our space. Marco please leave it open. All the best. We are in touch.
    - Posted by Cecilia Santoiemma, 04.02.2017

  • Thank you all for your cooperation and commitment. I think that we will continue to have contact with each other. I'm glad that everything do not fail, my students will continue to play on the platform online.
    - Posted by Krzysztof Fabiańczyk, 03.02.2017

  • If you all agree I would consider the project closed
    - Posted by Marco Tiberi, 03.02.2017