Open Ukraine with postcards

Teachers of English with their students from the different Ukrainian villages, towns and cities will exchange with postcards or magnets with the views of their home place.

Project Journal

  • We 've opened Ukraine with postcards! Thanks for cooperation!

    ET Q Label0001.jpg

    - Posted by Svitlana Zhytnyk, 04.09.2017

  • Dear partners, we have got a National Quality Label for the project! My students and I had a great time working with all you! Thank you.


    - Posted by Nina Krasylova, 04.09.2017

  • Thanks a million for all the postcards and your warm wishes all over Ukraine...


    postcards 2.jpg

    - Posted by Lena Riabushenko, 03.03.2017

  • Дорогі друзі! Дякуємо вам за ваші чудові листівки і привітання!






    - Posted by Victoria Udovenko, 18.02.2017

  • Our poster with the received postcards, prepared by the pupils of 6-G form

    Our project's poster.jpg

    Presentation of the pocter.jpg

    Poster's Presentation.jpg

    - Posted by Svitlana Dyka, 08.02.2017