Leo and his Friends Go on Holiday...

Leo the Lion is keen to see the world. He's off on his travels around Europe where he hopes to meet lots of interesting young people and find out about their lives. Leo will be travelling economy (by mail) but will keep everyone updated on his adventures through the Twinspace where we can see where he's been and who he has met. Leo has l...

Project Journal

  • Lara in my class has made a Phrase Book that would be useful for our mascots. Take a look. perhaps you could add some important or useful vocabulary?
    - Posted by Richard Coles, 21.06.2017

  • Cecco visits Artà!!!

    Hecho con Padlet

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 04.06.2017

  • Many thanks to our friends from Asturias for a wonderful surprise. Our students enjoyed the gifts very much. Bernie is here!

    My pupils wrote thank you notes for your letters. Some of them included a picture of the letter for everybody to enjoy, others made their own pictures of our town. Check out our padlet.

    Vytvořeno pomocí služby Padlet




    - Posted by Marie Hronová, 26.05.2017

  • I've just added a Padlet about some of the symbols of Asturias (our region) that the students chose to send to Základní škola Pečky.
    - Posted by Sonia Garcia Patallo, 11.05.2017

  • Our Italin friends sent us really nice and tasty recipes and we were also working on that topic too! Here you have some recipes of our traditional dishes. Yummiy!

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 08.05.2017