Adventurous Teddy Bears

This project expects to help children to learn about different European cultures through an affective dimension. To do so we have chosen a teddy bear toy which every 3-8 year old can easily associate with.

Project Journal

  • Thank you. I'm sure you will also receive the QL because the project is great of course it's all because of the best partners involved in the project.
    - Posted by Dorota Walczuk, 05.09.2017

  • I'm really happy to announce that we have just received Quality Label for the project!!! Thank you my dear partners :)
    - Posted by Dorota Walczuk, 21.08.2017

  • Hi there!

    Illán is having a wonderful time in Santander. He is enjoying the beach so much...

    Anyway, we want to thank you for your gifts. It's been a pleasure ^^

    Best wishes!



    - Posted by Alberto Fondevila, 10.07.2017

  • Book titled 'MARIAN'S TRIP'

    - Posted by Anna Arnau, 05.07.2017

  • Hello again,

    Children from Kostka School want to show you their Adventurous Teddy Bears Book.

    Do you like it?

    Best wishes.




    - Posted by Alberto Fondevila, 26.06.2017