Trip to Duisburg Marxloh

  • On Wednesday the group traveled to Duisburg, Their destination is Marxloh.

    Up to the 19th century, Marxloh was a little village. During the next century, Marxloh became an urban district with a huge number of foreign workers. Today more than  60% of the residents of Marxloh have a migrant background. The shops and markets of Marxloh pay tribute to the migrant history of this district. In the so-called "wedding mile" ca. 50 shops are offering wedding dresses.

    Cafés and restaurants complete the Turkish atmosphere of this special district in a German town. The Merkez Mosque built in the Ottoman style can be visited by 1200 believers. The mosque includes a meeting place and a café with an own entrance to invite not only Muslims but also other guests. People can look in the room to prayer from outside. The architect and the parish want to express a transparent Islam and discussed the building with the neighborhood, the Christian church and the politic parties of Marxloh.

    Afterward the group makes a sightseeing tour in the harbor of Duisburg. It is the biggest inland port of Germany and offers ca. 11% of the jobs in Duisburg.

    After the trip on the boat the students and teachers could visit the interesting town on their own.