"Flight and migration on stage" preps of the last workshop (October 2018)

  • Flight and migration on stage? Is it possible to create a play during five days? In English? With students who haven't seen each other before? Not to mention that they have never performed together?

    The art director of the second Workshop in Nordhorn was Heike Pfingsten. Heike. 35 years, studied Cultural Studies and did different performances during the last years. She decided that the group of 30 students from Germany, Poland, and Turkey would not present a typical play on stage. She visited the room where we would work and was impressed: "Wonderful room". The classroom of the Drama groups is wide, high, with a small stage, big windows, curtains, and two entrances. Heike saw immediately the chances of the room and ordered to buy different materials: red white barrier tape, torches, stamps.

    "The room and the materials will inspire the group", so Heike.