Erasmus meeting in Malbork, March 2018

  • Halftime of the project “Flight and migration – problem or chance”

    The third time the Erasmus coordinators met each other to talk about the project, the results, and difficulties. In March 2018 the Lyceum 1 of Malbork hosted Hassan and Sunnay from Izmir (Turkey) and Johannes and Kirsten from Nordhorn (Germany).

    In the meantime, the students of the three involved schools participated in two workshops in 2017 and two other workshops will take place in 2018. The intended fifth workshop is canceled because of the resignation of the Dutch school of Gouda. The seven Erasmus teacher (from Poland: Darek, Asia, and Anna) reorganized the content of the cancelled workshop. So the projected travelling exhibition will be modified in three exhibitions curated together and presented at the same time (February 2019).

    In June 2018 the students from Izmir and Nordhorn will travel to Malbork. Together with the Polish students,  they will learn how to deal with the statistic data. Certainly, they will visit the interesting castle of Malbork and Gdansk, the old Hanseatic City by the Baltic Sea. In Malbork, they will work on a part of the exhibition.

    The last workshop will take part in October 2018. In Nordhorn the students will present the topic on stage. Again they will take photos and make a video which are another part of the final exhibition.

    The seven Erasmus teachers were invited by different members of the town and the county of Malbork. The Mayor and the Deputy Starost talked with the team about the topic of the project. They underlined the importance of these international meetings of the youth.

    In the photo from the left to the right. Darek (Malbork), Hasan and Sunnay (Izmir), Hanna (Headmistress of Malbork), the Mayor of Malbork , Asia and Anna (Malbork), Kirsten and Johannes (Nordhorn).

    Talking with the Deputy Starost of Malbork County in his office.

    12 -16 March 2018
    Monday the 12th March - the Turkish teachers are arriving in Malbork. They've had some problems on the way - missed the train, another train was late and their phones were not working. Luckily they are here safe and sound. Tonight they have a great chance to try out Polish hospitality and Polish pizza.
    Tuesday the 13th March - Turkish friends are going to Gdansk - visiting the historical City.
    Wednesday the 14th March - Turkish teachers are paying a visit to our school. They are taking part in the German language classes with Mrs Anna Jagielska and also the English classes with Mr Dariusz Jasinski. We are just meeting with all the coordinators of the Project - Nordhorn from Germany, Izmir from Turkey and  Malbork from Poland. It's only two days and a half but we hope we will manage to complete all the tasks.
    3 pm - German teachers are coming from the airport. We start the meeting at 3.30.
    First we have a meeting with the headteacher of the Malbork School - Mrs Hanna Lalak. She gives our visitors a warm welcome, then we exchange some souvenirs and now it's time to start work. Our plan is to go through the Interim Report checklist and complete the questionnaire. It seems quite a difficult task because we haven't done it before. Besides the whole project is based on the reports!

    Three hours of project work and now time to have a rest. We are taking our foreign visitors to the well-known restaurant - Bistro na Fali. We all have a chance to try modern Polish dishes. Excellent experience.

    Thursday the 15th March - work, work, work. First learnig about Polish and Malbork history in  the Teutonic Knights Castle - the former capital of the Teutonic State. After lunch we go back to the Interim Report. In the evevning we are invited to The Lalaks' for dinner. Time to relax and have some good time at the end of the workshops. It's also time to say goodbye - The Germans are leaving very early in the morning the next day.

    Friday the 16 March - the Turkish teachers are coming to our school to meet us and say goodbye. They are leaving today.

    We all hope everybody had a good time in Malbork and the Interim Report will be accepted by the German National Agency.