Oral history -Last day

  • The last and fifth day of the workshop is the most emotional day. Today the students will meet migrants who came to Germany because of war and repression.  First Mr. Rüdiger Dove from the german red cross informs the audience about the exciting months of 2015. Two years ago a big number of refugees, especially from Syria, Africa, and Afganistan, came to Europe looking for a safer place and for future. A small part of them arrived in Nordhorn and Mr. Dove and his team organized in a few weeks the reception and accommodation of the families and people by themselves. He told the silent audience about the problems and the emotions of these days.

    Other guests of the last day are refugees themselves. Mohamad from Syria and Peter and Agwa from Sudan. They inform the students about their own reasons to leave their families and countries. Peter from Sudan left his newborn son and he says: "I have never had the opportunity to see him grow up". Mohamad, the young engeneer from Syria, left his family like Peter and he explains that the most painful moment of his flight wasn't the difficult way but to say goodbye to his family. Both hope to go back to their hometowns but the dangerous situation there prohibits their return. Hearing the young refugees the words of Mrs. da Palma from Portugal are present again: "Nobody leaves voluntary his home country."