Oral history - Fourth day

  • The next day of the workshop in Nordhorn the students get to know the actual migration to Nordhorn. The actual migrants come from Poland and the Netherlands and a big number are refugees.
    Mr. Vincent ten Voorde works for the employment office of Nordhorn and he informs the students about their work and how to integrate the migrants in the local job market. In the region of Nordhorn, the unemployment rate is low and there are free jobs especially in the healthcare. Ten Voorde who himself is migrant from the Netherlands explains that next to the language the employment is crucial for a successful integration.

    Mr. ten Voorde (Employment center)  talking with the Werner Straukamp (Historian)

    Afterwards, the students have the opportunity to talk with new migrants mainly from the Netherlands and Poland. Now the polish and dutch guests transmit the information of these migrants to their German colleagues. But Mr. Petrucci is from Italy and in his group, the German pupil translates the information about the migration from Italy.

    Arthur (teacher) from Poland and the student group with two girls from Malbork and one boy from Nordhorn

    The young Europeans get to know that love can be another reason to immigrate beside the more pragmatic cause, looking for a new and well-paid employment.