Workshop "Photography" at Gymnasium Nordhorn

  • Last week Sven Hüsemann, photographer, gave a lecture on his subject to the members of our working group.

    In April only four students (Larissa, Lene, Justus and Elias) could take part in the photography lessons in Gouda. We decided that the whole working group need more instructions and therefore invited Sven to take photos with us. Sven is a member of the photography team on one of the big cruise liners but currently he is ashore and has time to share his knowledge.

    First he explained the three most important technical parts of the reflex camera: APARTURE, SHUTTER and ISO.With admirable patience the young photographer explained all the small dials and buttons of our different cameras. As before in the workshop in Gouda we learnt that LIGHT is the most important factor in a good photo.

    After a short break Sven changed the topic and talked about the GOLDEN SECTION.

    Then we went outside and put the theory into practice.


    We loved to take photos of the wonderful flowers in our schoolyard:



    We took photos of BLUE - a mysterious creature in the schoolyard:


    Of course we took photos of each other:



    More photos can be found in the album "Workshop Photography at Gymnasium Nordhorn". We hope you like them.