Erasmus+ Study Group

  • Here we are. The four of us will take part in the meeting in Gouda in March.


    My name is Zosia and I am 15 years old. I go to a psychological class in a secondary school in Malbork. I am interested in psychology, especially human behavior, but my main hobby is art. I like to paint with pastels and I also make some sculptures. I love music, both classical and contemporary. In my free time, I like to read fantasy and thriller books. My favourite authors are George R. R. Martin and Lisa Jackson. Recently I have got interested in healthy eating and veganism as well.


    HEY THERE ! MY NAME'S NATASHA. I'm 17 years old and I live in a small town, Malbork, in the north of Poland. I've got a younger sister called Bianka. I really love learning new things, especially new foreign languages like Chinese or Russian. I am keen on photography. I've got my own reflex camera which I always carry with me when I go to new places. Once I won a photography competition with a squirrel photo I took. I mostly photograph small animals, nature and people. I also travel a lot. I've been to Italy, China, England, Denmark, Germany, Hungary and Croatia. My favourite season is spring, because it's green all around and the smell is amazingly fresh. Trying different cuisines is my hobby, too. Discovering unknown tastes from all over the world can be very exciting. I am very tolerant and understanding. Meeting new people is always an adventure to me and that's what I like in travelling through the world. I listen to rock, punkrock, some metal and also blues and jazz sometimes. I hope to spend some great time in the Netherlands. See You.


    Hi, my name is Kuba. I live in Malbork, a small town in Poland. I'm 17 years old. 
    At present I am studying at a secondary school in Malbork. 
    My friends say that I'm sympathetic and helpful, but I think that I'm very shy. 
    I love spending my free time with my family and my friends talking and laughing a lot. My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran. My hobby is acting and law. I've got one sister. Her name is Ala.
    In my opinion I'm the right person for the Erasmus project because I like visiting new interestinig places and I want to learn English better. Moreover, I'm interested in photography (but just a little because I like acting a lot, more than photography).