Meeting in Nordhorn in November 2016

  • Official Start of the Erasmus+ Project "Flight and Migration in the 20th and 21st Centuries - Challenge or Opportunity?"

    From November 21 to 25, 2016, the Erasmus coordinators - visiting from Izmir, Gouda and Malbork - joined our Erasmus team in Nordhorn, to get our new project under way.

    During this time, we discussed topics and expectations relating to the application, and settled all administrative and financial issues. In addition, we decided on all content regarding the first three international workshops in Gouda (March 2017), Nordhorn (September 2017) and Malbork (January 2018).

    "Travelling with Students" was another topic, and, we realized that all of us teachers - of all four countries - essentially share the same ideas of what we offer and expect from students and participants.

    All of us participated in a workshop on eTwinning, joined a Twinspace project, and uploaded our first results to this European internet portal for schools.

    Furthermore, our guests, who were visiting Nordhorn for the first time, got to know more about our city, including a visit to the zoo and a boat tour on the river Vechte.

    During our shared lunch meetings at the school cafeteria and evening dinners at local restaurants, as well as private hosts, we discussed our project, but also enjoyed laughing together.

    On Thursday we officially launched our project in a public presentation. Among the guests were the mayor of Nordhorn, Mr. Berling, our school board and local representative, Ms. Gülker-Alsmeier. Both representatives expressed their joy about the new project, and Mr. Berling explicitly assured us the support of the city.

    Not yet present were the students, but that is due to change in February, when our school hosts the Erasmus project work.


    Our Turkish colleagues Hasan Öterbülbül and Sunay Sallioglu:



    Our Dutch project coordinators Marijke Verbree-Kruys and Paul Cornilssen:



    Project coordinators, Joanna Jasinska from Malbork and Kirsten Rigterink from Nordhorn:


    A bit fatigued following a long session:


    Intense exchanges during our planning conversation:



    German team members Anne Wessels and Johannes Etmanski:


    Inside our virtual teachers' lounge [Twinspace] by eTwinning:



    Intense work progress:


    German team member Claudia v. Behren is happy with the eTwinning-lesson results!