Bulgarian partners

  • We are 4th graders from the 5th primary school in Stara Zagora city, Bulgaria and our English teacher Rositsa Mineva. We are from 7 different 4th  classes working on a project of our Educational Ministry "Tvoya chas", involved in two clubs by interests "I communicate with Europe" and "I communicate with the  world" So the aim of the our clubs is to communicate with our European eTwinning partners and American Buncee Buddies  creatively using new technologies and to study English language better by being a part of the national Spelling Bee competition. We are very happy to be a part of this eTwinning project for digital citizenship and collaborate with our eTwinning peers from European countries. We are telling shortly about our English classroom and activities in our school in some videos. Enjoy!

    We will be happy to know more about you and your schools, so let share some info about the partner schools and classrooms.