May: “Give peace a chance!” - how to make the world a better place? - make a quiz (Kahoot, Socrative)

  • Dear partners, we created 2 Quizlet words sets with other names of peace. We did some research for Romanian words. The words in the Quizlet sets are in English with Bulgarian meaning and in English with Roanian translation. This was very helpful for us to memorize some Roanian words for peace synonims, especially these ones which sound not similar to English and Bulgarian pronunciation. We are sharing our Quizlet words' sets with you to use them if need.


    If you choose from "Study Mode" you can use this cards in a quiz, or matching cards, or play GRAVITY GAME, just try to study with your learning style and have fun :)

    Here is the presentation about our conference meeting. Thanks, for being our partners, collaborators and co-operators! 


    And also we want to share with you our digital project "My Dream". It is a class activity - students made glogs to tell about their future, their dreams and they loved this project a lot. We'll be very happy if you leave some kind comments on the padlet board under students' digital posters creations. Thanks in advance!