Digital citizenship - 3Cs (connect- create - combine)

The project is for digital citizenship - through new technologies to stimulate multicultural discussion between project partners , to open the gateway to knowledge, promoting creativity and innovation for effective lifelong learning . Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible use of technology and it is a concept which helps ...

Project Journal

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    - Posted by Profesor DUMA CORNEL LUCIAN,ROMANIA, 21.06.2017

  • Thanks dear partners for your co-operation and collaboration. This conference meeting was so great experience for all of us. We studied a lot of from you and had fun all the time! Thanks!



    - Posted by Rositsa Atanasova - Mineva, 25.05.2017

  • Dear friends thank you for your advices to make Peace Doves and also for your activity in our online meetings . Best regards from Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Caransebes.

    Let's Give peace a chance in Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Caransebes.jpg

    - Posted by Profesor DUMA CORNEL LUCIAN,ROMANIA, 24.05.2017

  • Dear parteners we shedule our online event. We look forward to meet you online tuesday at 9.oo a.m on etwinning live and on skype. Best regards .


    - Posted by Profesor DUMA CORNEL LUCIAN,ROMANIA, 20.05.2017

  • Dear partners, we made our paper doves, gave them names (on Romanian language also) and wait for you on Skype for doves of Peace exchange. We prepared a page with some resources - they will help you how to make your doves and also lent our list with other names of Peace as Quizlet flashcards. You can choose your names and make your doves. So let talk about Peace sharing our doves with peace names on their wings

    - Posted by Rositsa Atanasova - Mineva, 20.05.2017