Digital citizenship - 3Cs (connect- create - combine)

The project is for digital citizenship - through new technologies to stimulate multicultural discussion between project partners , to open the gateway to knowledge, promoting creativity and innovation for effective lifelong learning . Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible use of technology and it is a concept which helps ...

Project Journal

  • Happy Earth Day 2017, dear partners! Enjoy Eco-city models created and described by Bulgarian partners.

    - Posted by Rositsa Atanasova - Mineva, 22.04.2017

  • Dear parteners because today is first day of Passion Week we learn about important events from this Holy Week and we share with you some Easter traditions . Important events .

    - Posted by Profesor DUMA CORNEL LUCIAN,ROMANIA, 10.04.2017

  • We collected our digital creation on a padled board. Enjoy!

    Made with Padlet

    - Posted by Rositsa Atanasova - Mineva, 07.04.2017


    ivan 4j .jpg

    - Posted by Rositsa Atanasova - Mineva, 07.04.2017

  • Dear partners, the spirit of Easter is already here and our students are making glogs and buncees about the symbols of Easter- colourful Easter eggs, Easter Bunny, the cross and others.They are planning to print them as cards using their digital paintings and selling the cards on the charity Easter bazzar in our school.

    - Posted by Rositsa Atanasova - Mineva, 06.04.2017