"Christmas in Europe" Journal

Our idea is to create a "Christmas in Europe" journal, including following Topics: - Christmas recipes - Christmas traditions - Pictures from Christmas markets, cookie baking sessions, .... - favourite Christmas Songs (we could learn songs in your country's language) -.....(open to suggestions)

Project Journal

  • Thank you everyone for the great work! It was fantastic to work with you all. =)
    Angelina, thank you for the online version of the journal!

    I'll be closing the project on Wednesday, 11.01.2017, so don't forget to download the journal. =)

    - Posted by Claudia Gamsj├Ąger, 09.01.2017

  • - Posted by Angelina Ristaldo, 03.01.2017

  • Happy new year to all of you, it was great to work with you all.

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    - Posted by Filomena Celozzi, 02.01.2017

  • Happy new year to everybody!!!
    Thank you all for our beatiful journal!!
    - Posted by Polyxeni Pelekouda, 01.01.2017

  • Claudia!
    The journal is great! We had a lot of fun. Hope we'll work together again.
    I wish you great New Year.

    - Posted by Joanna Biernat, 26.12.2016