Our project, is a collaborated endeavour put together by a group of teachers from Arles, De Panne, Hamburg, Rome and Seville to deal with the issue of sustainability.

Project Journal

  • Great news, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain all got the European Quality label!!
    - Posted by KARIN LOPEZ, 24.10.2018

  • Fantastic news here in Hamburg! We, also, have just been awarded the eTwinning quality label! so exciting!
    - Posted by marion walsh, 13.10.2018

  • Great news! We just heard from our colleague Inés that her husbands boss noticed our water bottles. She bought some for her husband aswell so he could take them to work. This company thought it was such a good idea that they ordered their own Dopper-Bottles for all of their employees in The Netherlands and in Belgium. So our message has been spread to another 5000 people!
    - Posted by Els Dewaele, 30.08.2018

  • The online article here too:

    students fight for sustainability JLS WFC.pdf

    - Posted by marion walsh, 28.08.2018

  • Here is our article in English :-) Young People Fight For Sustainability:
    - Posted by marion walsh, 27.08.2018