Young Crafters

This project focuses on polytechnic education. Its target group is primary school pupils. The project will take place in the context of traditional regional crafts. The project will help children acquire polytechnic, digital and communication competences. It will give them an opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience of traditional local ...

Project Journal

  • Hello, the winter is at its best and harshest in our country. My kids are now learning the basics of editing videos. They have been playing with a few photos and clips we shot while skating on our local pond. Go to the WINTER FUN page to see them.
    - Posted by Michal Dusik, 23.01.2017

  • Hello. Tere. Ola. Ahoj.
    The project has been kicked off on 16 November 2016. Lovcice (Czech Republic) met Voru (Estonia) in a live video session. It was a first time for most of the kids and it went down reallz well. I hope that we all have lots of fun together!!! Michal
    - Posted by Michal Dusik, 19.11.2016