Step into friendship

This project aims to underline the value of friendship, develop European awareness, improve foreign language learning and ICT skills.

Project Journal

  • Hello everyone. The French frogs finish school on July 3rd. Hope everyone Will enjoy a great summer! ! My students left some msgs for yours,
    Take care girls.
    Fanny xx
    - Posted by FANNY ROBIC, 14.06.2017

  • Hello everyone,
    let us wish you a wonderful summer, enjoy it fully! Ours begins on 1st July.
    Enjoy yourselves!
    Czech eTwinners



    - Posted by Jana Losíková, 13.06.2017

  • Hello, my name is Filip. In my free time I do karate profesionaly or play computer games and go with my friends outside. My favourite TV programes is pawn stars and the simpsons.
    - Posted by Filip Hubacek, 26.05.2017

  • Hello, there is that only Kate and I have one question for you: Because I´m very lazy I have an idea if you are lazy too or if you are active. Thanks for answer :)
    - Posted by Katerina Svobodova, 26.05.2017

  • Hello, my name is Klára S. and I have question: Do you have any hobbies? I am dancing and drawing in my free time.
    - Posted by Klara Sumarova, 26.05.2017