My world - what, when and how do we celebrate

“My world – what, when and how do we celebrate?" Our traditions are our unique heritage and we want to share it with others. During this one school year project students will create handmade cards and send them by post to other participating schools. On the same time new technology will be used as a tool of propagating our work. We will show...

Project Journal

  • Dear Estibaliz and Danka
    thank you so much for your cooperation.
    We had a fantastic school year working with you. We hope to be in touch :)
    Have a nice holidays
    - Posted by Katarzyna Rzeżutka, 12.07.2017

  • Dear friends
    Easter is comming soon and we've just started preparing 2 recipes of traditional Polish Easter dishes. When we get yours we will create mini cookery book consisting of Spanish, Czech and Polish recipes. We can't wait!!!
    By the way my students wanted to send some souvenirs for their friends so I'll enclose them to the parcel :)
    Take care
    - Posted by Katarzyna Rzeżutka, 25.03.2017

  • Dear Kate
    Your poster of Christmas is also very beautiful. We ´ve put it on a notice board in our language classroom to everybody could see it.
    And why do we slice an apple in half? - When we cut it and see the middle of the apple in shape of star means we will be healthy next year. That´s all :)
    Best wishes
    - Posted by Danuta Niedoba, 07.03.2017

  • Dear Estibaliz
    Thanks for photos from your carnival. It was relly beautiful! And also thanks for letters describing your school. My students were very pleased - they have chosen the letters of pupils who they have received their welcoming letters from.
    - Posted by Danuta Niedoba, 07.03.2017

  • Dear Danusia
    Last week we got your Christmas poster, we read it carefully and we would like to ask you about one tradition which is very interesting for us. Why do you cut/slice apples (what for) ?
    Keep waiting
    Kate and my students
    - Posted by Katarzyna Rzeżutka, 02.03.2017