Slovakia - introduction

  • Our school in Krpeľany - in the north of Slovakia.

    Our school is in the small village called Krpeľany. This village is in the North of Slovakia. There are 3 villages around us: Nolčovo, Šútovo, Ratkovo. Children from these villages come to our school. In our school there is about 130 children and 20 teachers. We have a dinning room where we get food. In our village we are keeping our traditions from our great great grandparents. In our school we have 9 classes. We have a children´s group, you go there when you finish your lessons. The children´s group is only for younger children. We have a first step classes : 1,2,3,4. We have a second step classes 5,6,7,8,9. After the 3rd lessson we go out to the corridor for a walk. We get to meet our friends from different classes. At our school we also have An Art school, where a lot of children play different musical instruments, mostly violins, pianos and they sing. Written by Alexandra Kozáková 7th class