I'm different I'm successful

Through this project we will teach students how much diversity enriches us. We want to include as many countries and schools to showcase the richness and diversity of Europe as well as the diversity of every school and every pupil. We are going to use web 2.0 tools to present our talented pupils and our schools.


    Project Journal

    • Hi dear partners,
      ı think I'm late for sharing but I have also a national ql.

      different-successful ql-1.jpg

      - Posted by R. Özler Özseçer, 01.02.2018

    • Who has got europen quality label?
      - Posted by Kezban Çimentepe, 03.11.2017

    • Congratulations to all of you who have achieved the quality label. You deserve it! I applied the form on july and last week i received the answer. They refuse my application because of the weakness of the project!. I don´t understand anything.

      Anyway, congrats and enjoy this prize.
      - Posted by Ángel Cuesta, 31.10.2017

    • Thank you all my friends...
      - Posted by NUSRET ÇİMENTEPE, 28.10.2017

    • twinning.jpg


      - Posted by NUSRET ÇİMENTEPE, 28.10.2017