Sharing Christmas Cards

Students exchange Christmas Cards including a short message written by them, introducing themselves and wishing a merry christmas.


    Project Journal

    • Dear partners, we have one more video for you.
      Thank you!
      Zuzana and students from Opava, Czech republic

      - Posted by Zuzana Melecká, 24.01.2017

    • Dear partners, thank you for the wonderful collaboration. I wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas and a happy new year .
      Pina Onorato.
      - Posted by pina onorato, 22.12.2016

    • Primary School Rocchetta S.Antonio Italy
      class 5th B

      free glitter text and family website at

      natale tutti.JPG

      - Posted by pina onorato, 22.12.2016

    • Here we have your Chistmas Cards. Thank You a lot!!!
      Anjoy your holiday, all the best!
      Kids from Czech republic and Zuzana.


      - Posted by Zuzana Melecká, 19.12.2016

    • Hello, we got christmas cards from Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Italy!
      Thank you kids, thank you, teacher!





      - Posted by Ksenija Lekić, 17.12.2016