Working in Europe - Skills for success

We want to compare our countries' Situation with regard to Young people's employment and create Tools to improve their chances on the wide European Job market.

Project Journal

  • European Quality Label for our project after being awarded with so many National Quality Labels. Recognition by the Spanish eTwinning Support Team.

    European Quality Label

    - Posted by Francisco Javier Núñez Aguado, 23.10.2018

  • Croatian National Agency for Mobility and European Programmes awarded the project with tthe aTwinning Quality Label and eTwinning Quality Label for students' work

    Quality label.jpg

    Quality lebel for students' work.jpg

    - Posted by Zlata Hrženjak, 04.10.2018

  • The Spanish National Agency has awarded the project with the eTwinning Quality Label. Congratulations!!

    Spanish eTwinning Quality Label

    - Posted by Francisco Javier Núñez Aguado, 05.12.2017

  • We had an incredible week at Denain, working and sharing with our colleagues from Germany, France, Bulgary and Spain. We missed a lot our partners from Croatia and Romania, but we are sure we'll have the opportunity to meet again in our next trip to Croatia.

    Gesamtgruppe mit Unternehmern2.JPG

    - Posted by Francisco Javier Núñez Aguado, 10.12.2015

  • We have just spent an incredible week in Ahaus, seeing each other once again and scheduling our future work together. Next time we'll meet it will be at Denain.

    Family picture

    - Posted by Francisco Javier Núñez Aguado, 05.10.2015