EU Games 2016-2017

By learning about the partners's countries and culture in the fields of art, geography, history, sciences, sports, literature, music, foreign languages, traditions and economics in English and French, the participating pupils devise EU Games so as to gamify the knowledge they gained throughout their eTwinning project.

Project Journal

  • Wednesday 29 March, special Checklist for the French pupils aimed at evaluating and giving some feedback on the school exchange Chelm - Limours.

    EU Games 2016-2017 Checklist Session 2.pdf

    - Posted by Laurence Altibelli, 29.03.2017

  • What a great time we had with the 8 Polish pupils and 2 teachers representing their school in France last week. Check out the School exchange Page to learn more about it.
    - Posted by Laurence Altibelli, 08.03.2017

  • Wednesday 15th February. A meeting with the parents of the 8 students who will visit Lycee Jules Verne. We can't wait to visit our French friends!
    - Posted by Pawel Ciesielczuk, 14.02.2017

  • EN: Friday 27 January 2017. Parents' meeting for the 8 French families of Lycée Jules Verne who'll host the 8 Polish pupils. So eager to welcome you in our school!

    FR: Vendredi 27 janvier. Réunion avec les parents des 8 familles françaises du Lycée Jules Verne qui hébergeront les 8 élèves polonais. Nous sommes impatients de vous recevoir dans notre école!
    - Posted by Laurence Altibelli, 28.01.2017

  • EN: January 2017, gamifying our school #Reto Toovari.
    Screenshot of the Juan de Mairena school website webpage.

    FR: Janvier 2017, gamification en classe #Reto Toovari.
    Capture d'écran de la page web du site du Lycée Juan de Mairena.

    Gamification at school Reto Toovari.png

    - Posted by ESTIBALIZ DE MIGUEL VALLÉS, 18.01.2017