Democracy starts at school

Schools should be viewed not only as institutions that impart knowledge and skills to students, but also as environments that socialize them. In this project we will try to strengthen the democratic consciousness of our students and encourage them to be active members in school society and active citizens in the future. In order to gain this aim t...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners today we had the last lesson on etwinning and we have uploaded our last materials. Thank you for cooperation. Have a nice summer holiday :)


    - Posted by LEONORA VECKIENE, 31.05.2017

  • Dear partners we have uploaded our tasks. Please have a look at them... We will discuss next tasks in our chat meeting on Monday 30 January at 20:00

    - Posted by Fotini Tsiami, 26.01.2017

  • I invite you on our first online meeting on Monday 12/12/2016 at 20:00. Alexandra will be the moderator of the greek team.
    - Posted by Fotini Tsiami, 08.12.2016

  • Hello dear partners! We have created today students' accounts and we are ready for our online meeting!
    - Posted by Fotini Tsiami, 07.12.2016