Morphe's hide and seek: Το κρυφτό του Μόρφη

Morphe is an elephant who likes hide and seek game. He travels with an air balloon to different countries and hides in the monuments. We will learn about different cultures and Accomplishments, introduce our monuments and as a closure, will design a knowledge game.

The european dwarf elephants




  • 45,000 years ago in a small Greek island, called Tilos, a small elephant was born. His parents named him after a very important name for the whole family. Morphe was raised in a cave in which other elephants were living.

  • In the evenings he liked to sit near the bigger elephants and hear their stories.

  • Every morning with the companion of his sister Ellie, went to the school of elephants.


One day their teacher Mrs Flora, told them amazing story. Many years ago in an area far away of them the chief of elephants took a heroic decision in order to save his flock ... The teacher of course was talking about the grandfather of Morphe and Ellie.


The grandfather Morphe was born at the foot of Kangchenjunga, a mountain in India, which means "the five treasures of snow", because of its five peaks. The scenery was beautiful, but life was difficult. Because of the terrible cold many elephants could not find food easily.

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We will draw the below paragraph in light blue - Apostolia Beka

One autumn day the great Morphe decided to lead the elephants somewhere else before winter was to come and struggled to find food and protection. So they began their trip!

They walked many days and nights. Morphe tried to give courage to elephants that in the end they will succeed! One night they arrived in a place near the sea. They decided to stop and rest and the other day they would continue their way.


The next day Morphe noticed that the water level was low enough to walk to the opposite shore. He announced that to the other elephants ,but they all felt very afraid. Morphe on the other hand was so confident for his plan that he decided to cross the road first. If he managed to swam in swallows, the other elephants would followed him!

And he was right! The water did not cover the elephants’s heads so everyone could swim.

When they arrived in the shore, they rested and decided to explore the place before dawn! They found that the were in an island. In fact they were in an Dodecanese island,Tilos, where all elephants in his class was born. Even their teacher. The elephants had discovered a protected place, a cave, where they settled. .....grey for artemida


What little Morphe liked most in the story was that his great-grandfather was thumping elephant while he and his family were dwarfs. The teacher told them that this happened because the island was too small for them and the elephants in order to survive they stop growing up. So they became dwarfs. Their height only reached 120-150 centimeters.





Morphe enjoyed the story. The whole class looked at him and his smile was proving that his was so proud! He wished to become great and wise like his grandfather. He knew he was a unique dwarf elephant with a great history!

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Author: Marina Zacharia
Last editor: Zuzana Krivaneková