Morphe's hide and seek: Το κρυφτό του Μόρφη

Morphe is an elephant who likes hide and seek game. He travels with an air balloon to different countries and hides in the monuments. We will learn about different cultures and Accomplishments, introduce our monuments and as a closure, will design a knowledge game.

4. Morphe travels around Europe

Morphe has got to save his sister Ellie who is in danger in China. 

He has to pass the message to all these countries so that he will get help from the children. 

We have to help Morphe hide behind monuments so that he won't be seen from the hunters, and feed him with the traditional food of the country.

All partners examine the monuments' presentations and make a draw or craft for each monument.

We stay a week in each country, starting from Monday 6/2/2017. We cook the traditional food and learn kids' songs in these languages.

6-10 February: Greece

13 - 17 February: Bulgaria

20 - 24 February: Italy

27-3 March: Spain

6-10 March: France

13-17 March: Slovakia

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Author: Marina Zacharia
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