The present project aims at publishing an on-line magazine on environmental issues in a foreign language. Language learning, raising public awareness on environmental challenges, working collaboratively between both classmates and partners abroad, artistic expression and learning the use of ICT tools are significantly encouraged.

Project Journal

  • This is ours ;)))


    - Posted by Laura Ridolfi, 05.08.2017

  • Now all three schools have acquired the Quality Label.
    Brilliant! Our effort has been officially acknowledged.
    - Posted by Anastasios Gkinis, 01.08.2017

  • We can say we deserved it. Can't we? Congrats my friend!
    - Posted by Laura Ridolfi, 27.07.2017

  • Great news!
    We have been awarded with the National Quality Label!
    Looking forward to the awards from the other National Support Services now.

    pupil certificate.png

    - Posted by Anastasios Gkinis, 27.07.2017

  • Our evaluation video is out!

    - Posted by Anastasios Gkinis, 07.07.2017