Fairy Tale Retellings

The students of the partner schools will exchange information about themselves and their favourite fairy tales. They will collaborate to create their own versions of popular fairy tales.


    Project Journal

    • Here's the video of Little Red Riding Hood by a group of Greek students. The password to view it is: fairy

      Little Red Riding Hood by a group of ST sts from Anthi Harou on Vimeo.

      - Posted by Anthippi Harou, 21.03.2017

    • Here we are, at last!! Another group of Italian students decided to make a presentation about Rapunzel's story.


      - Posted by rita grandinetti, 16.03.2017

    • A group of Italian students created a simple presentation of the fairy tale” Beauty and the Beast”.

      Beauty and the Beast rec.pptx

      - Posted by rita grandinetti, 14.03.2017

    • The Greek students worked on their favourite fairytales :

      Made with Padlet

      - Posted by Anthippi Harou, 09.03.2017

    • Polish students worked on their favourite fairy tales during a few meetings. First in groups they discussed the characters, settings, events, problems and solutions as well as their opinions on the tales. After that, using the ICT means, they prepared multimedia presentations.





      - Posted by Anna Matejczyk, 03.03.2017