Digital Literacy for Data Security and Digital Identity

The main objective of the project is to enhance students’ digital literacy in the fields of data security and digital identity, second aim is learning English by method of CLIL. In view of these primary objectives, this project will help to raise students’ employability.

Project Journal

  • During the final transnational meeting of the project there was also graduation ceremony of one of the groups of German IT-students, who were involved in the project. At the ceremony they were also acknowledged for their international cooperation in the framework of this project.
    Now all the activities of the project are officially finished and team of project-managers and teachers will start working on final report.


    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 29.06.2018

  • Headmaster of Rakvere Vocational School recognized students for holding lessons based on project materials for non-IT students on the event to acknowledge students with good study results and high conribution to school activities on 30th of May.

    Aivi ja Martini tunnustamine 30.05.18.jpg

    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 31.05.2018

  • Dissemination activities and use of project results continue in Rakvere - our students did it on international level:) On 23rd of May our students gave a lesson "How to be safe on Internet?" based on project materials to 12 school-leaders from Schleswig Holsein who came to visit Rakvere Ametikool to learn about digitalization of education in Estonia. School leaders learned about using password manager and safe browsing on internet. They even had to take a test in the end of the lesson!





    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 24.05.2018

  • Week 21 on 2018 is a week of dissemination activities and introducing project results in Rakvere Ametikool for teachers and non-IT-students. Estonian students gave a course on digital awarness to teachers and accommodation service speciality students on III year. Participants of the course learned about password management tools and safe browsing on internet.


    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 22.05.2018

  • Project activities for students are over. Well done you all. For results check Erasmus+ projects results platform and the web-page created by students:
    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 16.04.2018