Digital Literacy for Data Security and Digital Identity

The main objective of the project is to enhance students’ digital literacy in the fields of data security and digital identity, second aim is learning English by method of CLIL. In view of these primary objectives, this project will help to raise students’ employability.

Project Journal

  • Project activities for students are over. Well done you all. For results check Erasmus+ projects results platform and the web-page created by students:
    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 16.04.2018

  • Friday, 13th of April

    In the morning all groups presented their results and finished uploading the results on the project webpage. After that Estonian students attended a workshop on HTML that had been prepared and planned by German students. In the afternoon both groups engaged in a feedback session to evaluate the project units, organization of the visit to Wipperfürth and general project objectives. Day ended with award ceremony in which all attendees of the meeting received certificates.





    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 16.04.2018

  • Thursday, 12th of April

    Today international teams worked on project unit "Identity protection in digital environment" and started to draw up lists of reccomendations on this topic. This job is almost done, final push is given tommorrow, on last day of the seminar to finalize and present all the results of students' work. After long school-day, students decided to take advantance of sunny and warm weather to have a barbecue.





    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 12.04.2018

  • Wednesday, 11th of April
    THe day began with the lecture "Social networks - a guideline for digital execution - I know what you will have done tomorrow. Tricks of people collecting data in Web 3.0“ by prof. Schulten. It was great to have him as an expert to give students real life examples on how users’ data is shared and used on-line between third parties. Students then had a worksop on the same topic and made thir presentations on „Digital Awareness“ for non-IT students.
    In the afteroon students visited company.






    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 11.04.2018

  • Tuesday, 10th of April afternoon
    German and Estonian students went to open-air museum in Lindlar and learned about German traditions and habits. They even had to cook dinner by themselves using methods and tools like in old times.
    Visit to open-air museum was followed by team-building excercise in climbing-hall. Teamwork is not important only for work in different project units, but also in real life.Do not let your group members down! It was a bit tiring but also fun afternoon to gather enegry for the rest of the week and hard work in classrooms.






    - Posted by Katre Lomp, 11.04.2018