Out of the Box #eTwCitizen16

This project will provide students with an excellent opportunity to improve their creative skills, use their imagination, enhance their oral and written English, express themselves in artistic ways and acquire digital skills. Working collaboratively, students will exchange data, produce instructions for their peers and build authentic products. Tra...

Project Journal

  • We got it!!! :D Proud of you, guys! Don't forget to apply, please! I'm sure we will ALL get it in our own countries! In the words of the PT NSS "An excellent project"! <3 They also said we had to improve communication and sharing among partner schools!... They have no idea, do they?? :D :D We've been excellent together! Love you, guys! <3 <3


    - Posted by Marisa Rocha, 29.06.2017

  • Diplomas of Honoured participation for everyone involved in the project , all young creators and teacher coordinators !!!



    - Posted by BARBARA ZANDRAVELI, 29.06.2017

  • Dissemination practice our participation in the 2d Video and Photo Festival organised in Preveza by the Panhellenic Photo Society . It is an honour that we were participating with the 'out of the box' videos. Let me share with you some photos , our work was applauded by people experienced in the field and i would like to share these moments with you my dearest partners and friends!!! It is our achievement and let;s hope next year we keep on doing even better!!!






    - Posted by BARBARA ZANDRAVELI, 29.06.2017

  • That's it, guys! Hope we can work together again next year! Here's a padlet with our project's final products - the 26 collaborative short films we managed to produce! Please take your time to see them all (again) and don't forget to leave a comment, ok? Proud of you, guys! Have a tremendous holiday! :)

    Made with Padlet

    - Posted by Marisa Rocha, 26.06.2017

  • Now that our project is over, I'd like to share with you a collage I made with "the guys"! These are the faces of our lovely teams! I did not include the teachers, because I didn't want to spoil the picture, ehehehe! :D


    - Posted by Marisa Rocha, 26.06.2017