Out of the Box #eTwCitizen16

This project will provide students with an excellent opportunity to improve their creative skills, use their imagination, enhance their oral and written English, express themselves in artistic ways and acquire digital skills. Working collaboratively, students will exchange data, produce instructions for their peers and build authentic products. Tra...

Project Journal

  • Our prize was welcomed on the Central page of the Greek national School Network !What an hour !!!Thank you again dera partners , thank yu etwinning !!!

    Screenshot 2017-12-02 00.53.54.png

    - Posted by BARBARA ZADRAVELI, 01.12.2017

  • Our awards and the first prize goes to our Project !!!




    - Posted by BARBARA ZADRAVELI, 28.11.2017

  • The ceremony awards speech summarising great feelings and experiences of teachers and pupils !!!


    - Posted by BARBARA ZADRAVELI, 27.11.2017

  • Here is our final video showing all project activities !!!

    - Posted by BARBARA ZADRAVELI, 27.11.2017

  • 4o Panhelenic Conference of eTwinnin g in Patras 24-26th of November . Winning Ceremony and the 1st prize goes to 'Out of the box' for the category of 12-15 year -old-pupils . Cheers for us all dear partners .This is our prize!!! That is what i told to the particiants and present attendees of the ceremony !!!Thank you all for this wonderful cooperation!!!




    - Posted by BARBARA ZADRAVELI, 27.11.2017