OZOBOT - A little robot explores EUROPE !

Our Ozobots - our little smart robots - are very curious and want to learn about new places around Europe - especially where other curious Ozobots live. We want t o help them and will learn how to program them. An Ozobot can be programmed without a computer via sequences of Colours (colour codes) but as well via a programming language (OZOBLOCKLY ...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners, yesterday I got he good news, that I received the National Quality Label for our project. :-)
    Unfortunately Ismail got the sad news, that his application was rejected by the Turkish agency.
    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 14.10.2017

  • Dear Partners. Sonia and me have just received the national quality Label. Thank you for this project your involvement and your collaboration. Special thanks to Sonia who was total beginner with Etwinning and Ozobot. She made a great job !
    - Posted by Maryvonne Lequitte, 24.07.2017

  • Finally, here is our surprise. The last weeks we were busy to create a film.
    We wrote a storyboard, created the sceneries, made photos, videos and audios.
    The original language is German, but we added English subtitles.
    Hope you like it ...

    We will add a making of video to the page.

    - Posted by Barbara Klaassen, 09.07.2017

  • We learned a lot working with you.
    We wish you nice holidays.

    - Posted by Sonia AGOUTIN-LANGLOIS, 05.07.2017

  • Dear partner,we loved your work on Ozodice. So we tried too. Our Frenchozodice is on a new page.
    - Posted by Sonia AGOUTIN-LANGLOIS, 25.06.2017