• The schools participating in this project are: 

    IES CARLOS III - Aguadulce (Spain) 

    School Features

    Carlos III is a compulsory secondary school located on the southeast coast of Andalusia, in the suburban area of the city of Almería, which has experienced tremendous growth in recent years due to immigration, mainly from Eastern Europe, Central America, South America and Africa.
    There are pupils of 19 different nationalities. Participation in various projects is a way to motivate many of these students as they come with a lower level of knowledge, especially in foreign language, and to help them integrate in our school.
    We offer bilingual education in English in five subjects: Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology, maths and Physical Education
    We have participated in 23 eTwinning projects, 3 Comenius multilateral projects and 1 Erasmus+ project which have proved very beneficial both for students and for teachers.


    NMS Neukirchen an der Vöckla

    School features

    A new school building, and the teaching in an easily managed and familiar atmosphere creates the best teaching situation where children feel comfortable, the parents are satisfied and the teachers are able to apply themselves to their best ability.

    School leavers and their parents are particularily impressed by our role-models.
    These role-models are formed through trust, openness, comeradeship, cooperation , humour, social engagement, creativity and also a clear understanding of the need to work and study in an orderly environment.

    The integration of students with poor learning abilities is for us a matter of course.

    Especially important for us is the preparation of children to become broad-minded, tolerant citizens. For this reason we conduct programms that encourage close and constructive contact to schools in Italy (Palermo), the Czech Republic (Trebon), Spain (León) and Lithuania (Utena).

    We believe that an ongoing exchange of experiences between the students and teachers of different cultures enriches not only our daily school life, but also contributes to a more peace loving mentality.
    We also lay a high value on personal contacts: for example Italian is offered as a voluntary subject and the students of the fourth form are able to spend one week in Palermo as guests of a family. Here they are able to test and expand their acquired language skills.