6. Growth mindset

  • Mindset is a belief that everyone is responsible for their basic abilities and what they are like.

    Pupils with a growth mindset believe they can develop their brain, abilities and talents. This view motivates to learning, leads to development and gives strength that is essential for great accomplishments.

    On the other hand, pupils with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence and abilities are fixed or unchangable and can't be developed. They also believe that talent alone is responsible for success and what is more, effort is a sign of weakness, not an effective way to reach their full potential.

    However these two mindsets themselves are learnt and they can be changed. Adult feedback, both teachers and parents can influence pupils' mindset. During the project and months afterwards we want to teach our pupils that a brain develops and gets smarter with effort and learning.

    Internal powers needed for being fine, coping with and being successful are built into the structure of the brain. Let them come out into action!

    In the subpages we show how we introduce our pupils to the ideas behind what makes a growth mindset:

    - lesson plans

    - must see (motivational video clips)

    - neural network

    - meeting

    As the final step we present pupils' view on both mindsets. We hope the padlet spread on our school websides will provoke discussion among all the pupils at our schools, their parents and teachers. Click on the padlet beneath to see all the threads and leave your comment if you wish.