Good morning in different languages!

Hello from Poland, I'm a teacher in Primary school. My students and I would like to make a presentation or a short film with greetings in different languages -- as many as possible. We will exchange them - a video presentation via the Internet and then the sum up will be made. I think it would be a great fun to show our students how many la...


    Project Journal

    • I applied but was rejected.

      - Posted by Lidia Michalska, 21.08.2017

    • I applied for the National Quality Label and got the good news today that I was awarded with it.
      Did you apply?



      - Posted by Helena Martins, 27.06.2017

    • Merry Christmas!
      - Posted by Halil Mesut Baylak, 26.12.2016

    • Hello! we have prepared and we want to show you our film, "Say hello .."

      - Posted by Lidia Michalska, 22.10.2016

    • Good day to you from southern Polish. We are a 2c class. Today we celebrated Teacher's Day. Next week we will show our movie.

      Teacher's Day in our school

      Daria & Wiktoria

      We are a 2c class

      - Posted by Lidia Michalska, 12.10.2016